"[...] We opted for glass because it's simply from the quality is better. The mouthfeel whilst drinking is a lot more pleasant with glass straws than with metal straws. "

Peter Gebhardt, kitchen and service manager Mercure Hotel Berlin City

Drinking straws that are reusable and are a good alternative to plastic straws. There are many different types of reusable drinking straws, however finding the best one is important!  Since plastic straws were banned in 2021, it is important that you switch to a sustainable and suitable alternative drinking straws for your guests. So what is actually the best option for your bar, hotel, Café or restaurant?

Drinking straws are a small item, however you can use many per day. In fact, worldwide, we use 3 million drinking straws a day. Thats why it is important to ensure you are offering a eco-friendly solution that is also hygienic, long lasting and offers the best drinking experience! Below is a summary of the different type of drinking straws, to help you decide, what is best for your business! 

Glass Straws

Metal Straws

Bamboo Straws

Silicone Straws

Hard Plastic Reusable Straws

Summary - why glass straws are the best!

There are many different alternatives on the market, however it is best to choose a reusable straw, compared to any disposable straw, especially plastic. Disposable items are not a good option because of the extremely high rate of consumption. Not only will glass straws give you the best drinking experience, they are cost saving in the long run!

More info about cost savings with HALM Straws

Whilst reusable drinking straws are a great option, a common issue is the hygienic and taste disadvantages of some straws like metal metal, bamboo or hard plastic straws. Metal conducts heat, silicone attracts dust, bamboo wood cannot be safely used in hospitality and hard plastic is not environmentally friendly.

For hospitality glass straws are by far the best solution, provided they are of good quality, i.e. strong, with consistent mouthpieces, easy to clean and the right size for your drinks. Glass straws are taste-neutral, they do not conduct any heat and are very easy to clean in the dishwasher. Their transparency also makes them elegant and aesthetic.

Why should you purchase HALM glass straws compared to other straws made of glass? Unlike HALM straws, other lower quality glass straws are out there on the market which just don't offer the safest and most sustainable drinking experience you can get with HALM!

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So the result is clear: HALM goes as Clear winner emerged. Compared to the other materials and other drinking straws made of glass, HALM hygienic, more environmentally friendly and, above all, better suited for hospitality . That's why thousands of restaurateurs already trust HALM.

You too can HALM!

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