"[...] At the beginning, many could not imagine that this glass could withstand a lot and more robust is than any other glass drinking straw . But the longevity after many months and years it taught everyone better. "

Fabian Erdmann, project manager Le Caroussel

How a HALM drinking straw is made from glass

In its original form, a HALM glass HALM glass straw is a mixture of glass that is placed in the oven at over 1.200CC melted and then stretched by gravity. The unique recipe of the HALM glass HALM straw is based on the production of thermometer glass, as this is produced under conditions of the highest precision and durability. This means that a HALM drinking straw also has it greater stability and can be exposed to extreme stress, such as the hectic business in the catering business.
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After the HALM glass straw its actual shape, it gets its typical rounded mouthpiece by flaming both sides, resulting in unique drinking experience contributes. In the last step in the production of a HALM, the glass is "calmed down" in the oven, which removes tension and thus ensures the stability of a HALM glass HALM straw. The last process in particular is often missing from glass straw manufacturers from the Far East, which are therefore usually of inferior quality.

The complete package for your glass straw

With HALM you not only have experienced sales partners at your side, but also a producer with his own glassworks.

Has our own exclusive production over 60 years of experience in the glass industry. Thanks to our decades of experience in the manufacture of thermometer glass, we have managed to produce exceptionally stable and therefore safe glass tubes. But not only the production is completely in our hands, but we to design , refine , pack and to ship ourselves. Because that's the only way we can help you Permanently consistent quality at the highest level to guarantee.

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At HALM we make environmentally friendly glass production possible

Sustainability in glass production - is that even possible

That is why we have decided to work according to the highest possible environmental standards for industrial glass production. HALM glass production doesn't just HALM up regenerative energy resources in the form of green electricity, but is even certified according to the Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) . Our glassworks is the only glass production in Germany that has this high-quality eco-seal of approval. It sums up what the EMAS seal means on its website: "A look at the list of requirements quickly shows: EMAS organizations are serious about environmental protection" And that's exactly how we understand HALM : We are of the opinion that a product is only sustainable if it is also produced sustainably.
Once a HALM drinking straw has been completed, it has a lifespan of many years - in contrast to the disposable drinking straw, which is only used 10 minutes on average before it ends up in the garbage. Not only does it withstand approx. 2,000 dishwasher washes, it is also extremely stable. If a drinking glass with a HALM is HALM , the drinking glass is more likely to break. And if the HALM should break, it can be HALM in the waste glass compared to a drinking straw made of borosilicate recycled will not and will therefore not become an additional waste product.

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