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Thorsten Böhm, owner, Drinkable

The original from Germany

The HALM glass HALM glass straw is not only an extremely stable and durable product, but also the original ! As early as 2016, we committed ourselves to the goal of creating the best drinking straw in the world. Since other straw alternatives all have weaknesses, this stood out Material glass as a clear favorite for this mission. This is how the first sustainable drinking straw for the catering industry was created. Since then, HALM become the Quality and market leader developed in Germany.

HALM with elegant laser engraving

Use the opportunity to give your HALM drinking straw a personal touch. With elegant laser engraving in the form of a Logos or lettering The HALM glass HALM glass straw not only gets more personality, but also stands out from other alternatives. In laser engraving, we purposely do not use color as we 100% sustainable Want to offer product. Because most paints are made from mineral oils and so often harm the environment.

HALM mit Gravur

Your expert for drinking straws made of glass since 2016

We are proud to have established glass straws on the market with HALM as a brand. International customers also already trust the expertise of the HALM team. With our own production that over 60 years of experience in the glass industry, we own, process and manufacture 100% in Germany. You can also use this brand image in the form of resale sets or promotional gifts.

Mehr Infos zu unserer Produktion

A large number of companies already rely on HALM glass HALM glass straws

+ 10,000 restaurants

over 2,800 restaurants - 2,000 bars - 3,300 hotels - 500 caterers - 1,400 cafes

+ 500 retail partners

over 30 wholesalers - 470 Retail

+ 200 customers in the advertising industry

over 1,000 successfully implemented projects

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