“Yearly costs are reduced by implementing a reusable solution like HALM straws. They are easy to clean and so strong, that they can be used over and over again and remain in pristine condition"

Roberto di Pascquali, bar manager at Amano Bar, Berlin

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Reusable drinking straws not only protect the environment but also your bank account. The following comparison shows at a glance why the switch from disposable to reusable glass straws will save you money!

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Disposable drinking straws not only incur enormous running costs, however also, not every reusable straw is suitable for the needs of your industry, or the expectation from your customers. HALM glass straws offer the lowest acquisition costs in comparison to all other reusable drinking straw alternatives and overall the lowest cost per year compared to all drinking straws.

Most other drinking straws do not last long, as they are flawed in design and quality from the get-go. The most important advantage of a reusable drinking straw is their long-term reusability and hygiene

Alternatives such as metal straws have clear disadvantages for industry use as the thin size is often unsuitable for many drinks with fruits and ice, often with sharper edges that have been known to be dangerous for oral health. Metal straws tend to change the taste of some drinks and can be difficult to clean and identify any grime on the inside of the straw as they are not transparent.

Glass is one of the most trusted materials in the hospitality industry, not only for its elegant style but for its long-lasting and high-quality properties. HALM Glass Straws are the best straws for your drinks on any occasion. Serve your drinks with style and save money and the environment at the same time!



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By using reusable drinking straws, you save up to €5500 by ditching disposables. Choosing the right reusable straw should also however be carefully considered. Although some have a similar price level, however the decisive factor comes down to considering which material is best suited for use in hospitality.

When it comes to sustainability, hygiene, style, taste, and price, HALM is clearly the winner! HALM straws also complies with HACCP hygiene standards for the food and drink industry and are very easy to clean in a dishwasher cutlery- basket, or or with our custom-designed industry cleaning brush specially created to clean glass straws quickly in a bar or kitchen environment. All in all, HALM is a secure choice if you are ready to reduce waste, save costs and upgrade your drinks!

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