“[...] Since you can always rinse the straws, they are costs with HALM lower in the course of the year . "

Roberto di Pascquali, bar manager at Amano Bar, Berlin

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Reusable drinking straws, not only protect the environment, but also your wallet. The following comparison shows at a glance why the switch from disposable to reusable is worthwhile in all aspects, especially costs savings!

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It is now clear that you will have to incur enormous running costs with disposable drinking straws. But not every reusable alternative will bring you the success you are hoping for. HALM glass straws have the lowest cost and overall the lowest cost per year compared to all drinking straw alternatives.

Also cut some alternatives at the longevity do not do so well, as they have defects in design and quality from the outset. The advantage of a reusable drinking straw should of course be long-term Reusability be.

Alternatives such as metal have further disadvantages: The sharp edges are dangerous in use. They also tend to change the taste of some drinks and it can be difficult to see dirt on the inside of the straw because it is not transparent.

The choice of the right drinking straw should therefore be carefully considered. Glass is one of the most trustworthy Hospitality Materials. Not just because of his elegant style but also because of him long-lasting and high quality Properties. HALM glass straws are the best straws for your drinks for any occasion. Serve your drinks in style while saving money and rubbish !

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Let's get to the heart of the comparison for you. By using reusable drinking straws, you save up to 5,500€ compared to disposable alternatives. But choosing the right reusable straw should also be carefully considered. Although they have a similar price level, the decisive factor is which material is best suited for the hospitality .

It is worth taking a look at oursMaterial comparison. That goes HALM glass straw than clearer winner emerged. Because on the one hand it is the perfect companion for hospitality, because of its HACCP conformity and the easy cleaning . On the other hand, HALM creates a unique drinking experience for the guests, thanks to its rounded opening and the tasteless material .

Are you ready to enhance your guests' drinking experience and start saving money today?

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