"[...] The HALMe emphasize us as a small café that includes regional producers and sustainable products works in our doing and thinking. "
Heike Fürstenwerth, ownerCafé MORGÆN

The problem of the plastic straw

Annually be alone in Germany 40 billion Plastic straws used and usually thrown away after a few minutes. That’s per capita 1.3 plastic straws every day . However, the life of a plastic straw does not end as soon as it is disposed of by the user. Until the material has completely decomposed, up to 500 years pass away. Contrary to popular belief, plastic straws cannot be recycled because of their size, as they can easily clog machines.

Plastic drinking straws disrupt the recycling process, clog machines and can even destroy them. So you will not recycled , but end up in the garbage dump and in waste incineration plants.

Due to current (missing) disposal routes The disposable drinking straw usually ends up in our waters, where it causes indescribable damage. Each 7th part that is used on beaches and rivers is a plastic straw. That's why she has EU decided to remove certain plastic and styrofoam items from July 03, 2021 to disallow - this also includes the plastic straw.

HALM is the best alternative to plastic HALM

One reason why the plastic straw ban could be brought about is the fact that there are sensible alternatives. Because the goal is "Away from disposable, towards reusable" . But which HALM is best suited HALM has already been presented several times in the media as such a solution. A comparison of all the most common alternatives also shows that glass quickly stands out as the perfect replacement. However, it is also important to use the right glass. Borosilicate glass is not a sustainable alternative , due to its lack of recyclability.

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But not all glass is the same

A reusable drinking straw only really makes sense if it contributes to sustainability and does not become a new waste product after use. Circularity by recycling in theWaste glass is therefore in the first place.

The glass that is often used on the market is unfortunately not always recyclable. So-called Borosilicate glass gets its name from the chemical element boron it contains. Although boron is very resistant, it makes the recycling process in conventional waste glass more difficult due to its higher degree of melting. glass straws from HALM, on the other hand, are made of special HALM that allows 100% recyclable and extremely stable is. This makes them unlike other products 100% environmentally friendly .

Pollutant-free, fair & social

HALM glass HALM glass straws are not only sustainable due to their recyclability. You are too free of toxic chemicals, petroleum and any color that can have negative effects on the environment and people. In addition, we only produce our glass sustainable sources , work with people with Handicap together and also reduce waste through plastic free shipping .

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Every set sold donates

The use of HALM already avoids plastic HALM in the billions, but we want to achieve more!
That is why we cooperate with Trash Hero World , a global organization that is now active in 12 countries and is doing valuable work, especially in Southeast Asia Cleanups and Education perform. Because so much plastic waste has already been created around the world that has to be disposed of. Every set sold has been donating since September 2019 to Trash Hero and supports their necessary and innovative approach.

You too want to make your contribution to sustainability?

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