"[...] Using HALM straws, promotes the best level of sustainability as a small café that includes regional producers and sustainable products."
Heike Fürstenwerth, OwnerCafé MORGÆN

The problem of the plastic straw

40 billion Plastic straws are used and usually thrown away after a few minutes in Germany on an annual basis. Per capita, thats 1.3 plastic straws every day .The life of a plastic straw does not end as soon as it is disposed of by the user, unfortunately. Plastic straws cannot be recycled and it is either incinerated into the atmosphere, or disposed in landfill where it takes up to 500 years to decompose, leaving toxic chemicals in the environment. Contrary to popular belief, plastic straws cannot be recycled because of their size, as they can easily clog machines. New PLA 'compostable straws', also do not decompose unless treated in controlled composting systems, which do not yet exist and therefore go into the same waste disposal as traditional plastic straws!

Due to current, and often missing waste disposal systems,disposable drinking straws usually ends up in our waters or natural environments, causing indescribable damage to waterways, soil and wildlife. Fact: Plastic straws are one of the top 5 items found in the ocean and along coastlines. The European Union and many other countries and states, have banned plastic straws and actively decided to remove certain plastic and styrofoam items from sale since, July 03, 2021, including plastic straws!

HALM is the best alternative to plastic straws

One reason why the plastic straw ban was implemented, is because there are now a wide range of reusable alternatives that allow all users to make the switch. HALM is best suited drinking straw for all occasions as it is continially reusable, the most hygenic and the most stylish straw in your drinks! With strong media presence and politically advocacy, HALM is a well know and trusted brand of glass straws and also the first in Europe, paving the way for reusable solutions. A comparison of all the most common straw alternatives also shows that glass quickly stands out as the perfect replacement. However, it is also important to choose right glass straws. Borosilicate glass is not a sustainable alternative, mainly due to the mixed glass types being used and therefore not as strong, not consistently produced and not recyclable in case of breakage.

A comparison of straws

But not all glass is the same

A reusable drinking straw only really makes sense if it contributes to sustainability and does not become a new waste product after use. Operating in a circular-economyis a very important factor when considering producing any product. HALM glass can be recycled over and over again and will never loose quality. Being a reusable product that can last a lifetime is already great, however HALM guarantees the raw material operates in a closed loops system, tackling global challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, waste, and pollution.

The glass that is often used in other glass products on the market is unfortunately not always recyclable. So-called Borosilicate glass gets its name from the chemical element boron it contains. Although boron is very resistant, it makes the recycling process in conventional waste glass more difficult due to its higher degree of melting. Glass straws from HALM, on the other hand, are made of special HALM glass that ensures 100% recyclable potential and extremely stable at. the same time is. This makes them unlike other products 100% environmentally friendly .

Toxin-free, Fairly produced & Socially responsible

HALM glass straws are not only sustainable but are 100% free of toxic chemicals, petroleum and any color containing lead that can have negative effects on the environment and health. In addition, we only produce our glass with sustainable resources. We support people with disabilities through our work with 'Life-help' partners, who together with HALM pack and ship, with 100% plastic free shipping.

More about our production

Every set sold donates

By using HALM, already tonnes of plastic is avoided but we want to achieve more!
Through our Less Waste Initiative and in cooperate with Trash Hero World, a global organization that is now active in 12 countries we have removed more than 200 tonnes of waste from the environment. So much plastic waste has already been created. Every HALM straw set sold, contributes via donation to ensure the removal of trash in the environment.Since September 2019 we have supported Trash Hero and through their scalable and innovative cleanup approach.

You too can contribute to a more sustainable future! Make the difference now and make a change for the future!

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