"[...] We decided on glass because it simply depends on the quality is better. That mouthfeel drinking is a lot more pleasant with glass straws than with metal straws."

Peter Gebhardt, kitchen and service manager Mercure Hotel Berlin City


Drinking straws that are reusable and are a good alternative to plastic straws are available in all kinds of materials. straight since they will be banned in 2021, you should look around for a suitable alternative as soon as possible.However what is actually best for Your bar, restaurant, café or hotel?
The selection can be difficult here, so we have all the important criteria in the field of hospitality brought together so you can make the best choice.


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So why you should HALM glass straw !

There are many different alternatives on the market and one should generally consider the reusable variants compared to the plastic straw to prefer. Disposable items are not an option due to their permanent resource consumption. They're also cut out of the shortlist because they're up to 5,000 per year more expensiver are as reusable alternatives. We have analyzed why this is the case for you in a cost comparison.

More information about cost savings with HALM glass straws

However, reusable drinking straws also often have hygienic and taste disadvantages : The cleanliness of metal, bamboo, hard plastic or silicone straws cannot be recognized immediately. Metal conducts heat, silicone attracts dust, bamboo wood cannot be used in hospitality and hard plastic is not environmentally friendly.
For hospitality are therefore glass straws the best solution as long as they are of good quality, i.e. stable and recyclable. They are tasteless, do not conduct heat and are easy to clean in the dishwasher. Their transparency also makes them elegant and aesthetic.
why HALM glass straws convince compared to other straws made of glass, we have once again clearly compared them here:
More information about HALM glass


So the result is clear: HALM goes as Clear winner out. Compared to the other materials and other glass drinking straws, HALM is more hygienic, more environmentally friendly and, above all, better suited for hospitality . That's why thousands of restaurateurs already trust HALM.


HALM glass drinking glass straw