"[...] Regardless of whether the straw was used for latte macchiato or freshly squeezed orange juice, it is everything without pre-cleaning got clean. They also cool down very quickly after cleaning. "

Christian Wittman, owner The curl - cut & chatter

"How do I get the reusable glass straws clean""

What is particularly advantageous about HALM is that the transparent glass Immediately indicates whether all impurities have been removed or not. The smooth surface also ensures that dirt is easy to remove. Despite the supposedly small diameter, the water can flow easily through the tube - the main advantage here is that a HALM is open at both ends compared to a bottle.

But how exactly do you make the glass straw not only look sparkling clean, but also? hygienically clean is?

Cleaning in the cutlery basket of the dishwasher

When it has to be done quickly

Step 1 - Put drinking straws vertically in the cutlery basket

step 2 - Use the glass washer as usual (HALM withstand up to 500C))

step 3 - HALM in the basket for approx. 15 minutes and allow to drain

Step 4 - Reuse glass straws and save money and plastic waste

Tips from colleagues:

  • Polishing is not necessary!
  • Each HALM lasts at least 3,000 rinses
  • In the case of stubborn soiling, place in a water bath beforehand or carry out a second rinse

We recommend using the glass tubes for cleaning in the dishwasher upright in the cutlery basket to deliver. Any commercially available cutlery basket can be used for this. If necessary, you can also purchase a cutlery basket from us.

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Cleaning with the brush

If the dishwasher cannot be used

With the custom-made HACCP-compliant Gastro-Brush, soiling can be reliably removed by hand. In two minutes you can do about 20 HALM glass HALM glass straws cleaned and polished.

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No fear of glass straws due to difficult hygiene

Whether by hand or in the dishwasher - our glass straws clean quickly and easily! Both manual cleaning with the catering brush and machine cleaning in the cutlery basket of the glass and dishwasher are included sparkling clean, hygienic result . HALM is just as easy to clean as cutlery or glasses.

This makes our product HACCP-compliant, which means that HALM all the requirements to meet hygienic requirements in the catering business.

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