"[...] A few years ago, when HALM started, there weren't many other straw alternatives available. HALM were the first company to offer glass straws for use in hospitality and are definately the experts in the field! Back then, there was only metal or glass, and we opted for glass because they are simply better quality"

Peter Gebhardt, Kitchen and Service Manager, Mercure Hotel Berlin City



Founding HALM

Hannah Cheney and Sebastian Müller are the original founding team of HALM.

They combine ten years of living and working together and a great passion for sustainability and great products!

HALM has a mission to ensure a cleaner and safer environment for future generations and provide an innovative and valuable product at the same time!

The Idea Behind HALM

Whilst on holidays in Thailand in 2015, Hannah & Sebastian were shocked by the number of plastic straws found after a beach cleanup they organized with a group of friends. After deeper research, the problem became immediately apparent that this was a serious global issue and something needed to change. Plastic straws are among the top 10 most commonly found litter on the beach and worldwide, every day around 3 billion plastic straws are used and thrown away after being used once!

After extensive research, the founders set out to create the best reusable glass straw in the world. Established in 2016, HALM opted to use glass because of its many advantages, especially for hospitality. Glass is reusable, taste-neutral and the most hygienic material. Over 10,000 bars, restaurants, cafes and hotels already use and trust HALM as their no.1 straw solution. Millions of customers at home have also choosen HALM as their best reusable straw. Together, we have contributed to avoiding more than 1 Million plastic straws from being thrown away and have also cleaned up over 100 tonnes of trash from our environment through donations from our "Less Waste Initiative".

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The HALM Team

Not only is the mission and product impressive, but behind the genius is a great team, characterized by its many years of expertise. HALM has forged the way as a sustainable start-up from Berlin as the first movers and market leader. With excellent service and in-house glass and quality expertise, we know how to stand out from the crowd. Our team can provide you with a custom offer to suit your needs and produce and deliver fast. With over 10,000 customers in the catering industry, we are an experienced partner for small and large companies.

Thanks to a strong value chain with our own production, we guarantee timely and reliable delivery with consistent quality.

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